How the Home Inspection Process Works

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A home inspection is basically a non-invasive, visual examination of a home’s condition, usually in association with the selling of that particular home. Whether you are looking for a single family home or condos for sale Greenville SC, a home inspection is a good idea. Home inspections are typically performed by an individual home inspector who has all of the proper training and credentials to do such inspections. These examinations can be as simple as visual inspection or more involved such as checking for dangerous issues such as pest infestations or structural damage. Either way, these inspections give home buyers an honest and unbiased look at the home they are planning on purchasing.

One reason for having a home inspection is to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible when it comes to the purchase of that home you are thinking about purchasing. This is because a home inspection usually takes up to two days and costs several hundred dollars. The inspector will inspect not only the major systems and components of the home but also any systems or components that could have hidden issues or which may require future attention. This type of comprehensive exam is usually taken by real estate agents when they are showing a home they are interested in.

The main purpose of a home inspection process is to uncover concealed defects and structural issues that could be problematic as time goes on. Often, during this examination the inspector will take some steps to correct the problem before it becomes a bigger issue. For example, if there are visible signs of mold growth inside the home, this will usually be noted and will need to be repaired prior to the home being listed for sale. If there is visible evidence of water leakage in various areas of the home, this too may need to be repaired prior to the listing. By taking these small initial steps early on, it makes it much easier to catch and correct these problems well before they become a greater concern.

Not only does having a home inspection done catch small problems, it can also help save a great deal of money. Buyers who are concerned about expenses can obtain their own inspection report at no cost. This will give the homebuyer an idea of expenses ahead of time. It will also give the buyer the ability to negotiate with the seller regarding any repairs or replacements. Sometimes, the seller will ask for repairs and the buyer will need to determine if they will be willing to pay for these repairs.

A big part of the home inspection process is examining how the house has held up over time. This can be done by looking at how the structure has held up to weathering and wear. The inspector will check for cracking, discoloration and deterioration of the structural elements. Home inspectors will also look for signs of repair efforts being made.

In addition, home inspectors will make any necessary adjustments to keep the property in good condition. Some inspections even provide opportunities to make repairs. When this occurs the home inspector will discuss these repairs with the seller and their real estate agent and make sure they are willing to cooperate with the homeowner. After the repairs have been made, the home inspector will provide the buyer with a report that details all repairs as well as their current condition. This helps buyers to make sure they are getting the best deal possible on a home they will be living in for years.

What does a listing agent do?

What Does a Listing Agent Do?

A real estate agent is a person who facilitates the transaction between buyers and sellers. A real estate agent has an in-depth understanding of all listings and has the experience to help make sure that a home gets the maximum exposure it can get. In order to be a successful listing agent, one must have a strong understanding of real estate law, along with a marketing background. A listing agent’s job is to find homes for buyers and to present them to those potential buyers. While some agents may be involved in the negotiating aspect of the deal, the vast majority of listing agents are concerned with the actual presentation of the home. What does a listing agent do?

The Real Estate Process

A real estate agent is responsible for finding properties, preparing documents for the buyer, arranging for a showing and then following up with the potential buyer after the sale. Because listings are the initial contact with buyers, an agent must make sure that they properly prepare listings and follow local laws and regulations. Listings are also frequently referred to by other real estate professionals such as mortgage brokers, inspectors, title companies and agents. A real estate agent can also be involved with paperwork such as contracts and disclosures.

Some listing agents also specialize in either selling or buying. In addition to simply preparing listings, they will also work with buyers and lenders to ensure that the transaction is handled properly. Listing agents will find homes and conduct negotiations as well as perform necessary background research to ensure that a home is safe. Listing agents also keep track of sales and follow up with clients to make sure that they are happy with the house. If a listing agent is working on behalf of a buyer and assisting them with all of the necessary paperwork, they will be responsible for communicating with both the buyer and the seller.

A Listing Agent Works With Buyers & Sellers

When a person is searching for a new property, they may approach a listing agent as they have an interest in purchasing a home. Real estate agents often work with clients on both the buying and selling of their homes, so it is not uncommon for a listing agent to find homes and put them up for sale at the same time. This helps to speed up the process and allows the real estate agent to work with more clients.

The job of a real estate agent is a very important one, and it requires the person to do a lot of different things. Listing agents often work with homeowners and sellers, and they will often work in tandem with mortgage agents and title companies. While these professionals may not do everything that the homeowner or seller wants to, they are still extremely important to finding a home.


The responsibilities of a listing agent are vast, and they have a large impact on the success rate of a real estate venture. While a real estate agent does not have to do everything that the homeowner or seller wants, they are still very important to finding the perfect house. By taking the time to ask questions and understand how listings work, an agent can be invaluable to any buyer or seller. If you are interested in purchasing a new home or selling your home, you should consider asking a real estate agent about the responsibilities of the position.

New Orleans Bicycle Tours: An Affordable Option

The city of New Orleans, Louisiana has a uniqueness all its own. With so many different cultures influencing the city over the centuries there seems to be a bit of everything here and there. The usual vacationer comes for Mardi Gras, a football game, or one of the many conventions that occur in the city. To truly see and experience the people, culture, and history of New Orleans you have to be a part of it. Here is some insight to a popular way to take it all in.

Tour The City

There are many ways to tour New Orleans, but one of the best ways to really get close to everything is to take a bike tour. Bike tours let you see things at your own pace. Whether you choose a self-guided tour or travel with a guide who knows the area intimately, you’re sure to see things that would have been overlooked if you had toured the city any other way.

A Professional Tour at a Reasonable Rate

Choose the parts of the Big Easy that you’re most interested in, and focus on the sights to be found there. Bicycle tours cost far less than taking a tour bus and take in a lot more area than a walking tour can manage. This is the best of all worlds, allowing you to experience the city in a close, personal way, stopping to take a closer look or snap some photos at interesting sights along the way.

New Orleans has over 100 miles of bike ways, giving bike tours access to places others can’t go. Cyclists can pedal through some of the city’s classic, iconic neighborhoods, the famous French Quarter or ride along the Mississippi River and watch as the river traffic sails past.

Family posing for photo during bike tour – Courtesy of FreeWheelin Bike Tours

Tour with or without a Guide

How you see the sights of New Orleans is up to you. Self-guided bicycle tours are a very affordable option, perfect for the traveler on a budget or who just likes to see things on their own. For a more complete tour, take the professionally-guided tour and travel the city with a knowledgeable expert.

What’s Involved in a Guided Tour?

For people who want an in-depth look at the city, a professional guide is a great option. This choice still offers a discount over what other types of tours cost while providing an unparalleled personalized experience. The guide leads a group of travelers on pre-determined routes in and around some of the most interesting parts of the Big Easy, making sure that everybody gets to see all the things they were hoping for.

A guided tour is a bike tour where you are accompanied by a professional guide. This is someone who knows the area well and who will work hard to make sure that you have an awesome experience as you discover different parts of the city. A guide is able to answer many questions that people have about various aspects of the city, including its history and the people involved in making it what it is today.

Group posing for photo during New Orleans bike tour – FreeWheelin Bike Tours

What is a Self-guided Tour?

Self-guided bicycle tours are similar to professionally-guided tours in some ways, especially in that the tour route has been created to take cyclists past many of the most interesting parts of the city. The tour is set up by a professional guide, and the information provided includes not only a travel route but also many interesting facts about the different points of interest on the tour.

This option is less expensive than a professionally-guided tour, as there is no tour guide to pay for. It’s perfect for those who wish to control more of their travel experience as well as for those on a tight budget.

What about Renting a Bike?

A third option that many people choose is to skip the tour part altogether and simply rent a bike for all or part of a day. This is even less expensive than a self-guided tour and can offer significant savings to people trying to spend as little as possible. The American Bicycle Rental Company is the oldest and most established bike rentals business in New Orleans.

The downside of renting a bike without taking a tour is that it’s easy to miss many of the amazing sights in and around the area. People unfamiliar with the city may see interesting buildings but not be aware of their historical significance or of the quirky or unusual stories behind them. However, a good city guidebook can help to fill that gap and make even a day out biking an unforgettable travel experience.

How to Choose the Best Option

When choosing a bicycle tour in the city of New Orleans, consider the factors that are important to you when deciding the best option. If money is your main concern, rent a bike and travel the city on your own, looking at all of the unique sculptures and architecture as you pass.

If you are a bit more flexible with your budget and don’t want to miss anything, a self-guided tour might be the ideal option. There are many bicycle services available. Here you can take advantage of a route someone else has already planned out, allowing you to see as much as possible during your time in the city.

To tour the city in first-class style, a professionally-guided tour is the best option. It’s more expensive than the other cycling choices, but typically far less expensive than other types of tours. You’ll get to learn about the city from an expert, plus you’ll get your questions answered along the way.

Whatever option you choose, hopping on a bike and getting out into the city will give you a view of things that you won’t be able to get any other way. It will make your trip unforgettable.